Join an Event

You will experience my coaching style and teachings as part of a safe and comfortable group setting.

Your participation may be in person or online.

During events, you will usually work on processes that may include 2 or more peers, or work solo or engage into some kind of guided exercise.

Your sharing is highly encouraged; and, upon your permission and request, you may receive coaching support.

Events are a wonderful exposure to my work and a fantastic way to learn, grow and gain support in a variety of topics.

I just want to congratulate you again, Inely, for last night’s workshop. The enriching, beautiful and authentic expression of your work. You should be so proud. It is riveting, compelling, healing. You create such a safe place. You use humor, joy, deeply felt wisdom. You are so authentic using your own journey. I am smiling at how much I received as being a part of this last workshop. Congratulations. I really acknowledge you and I am honored to be in this journey with you. It is amazing what you have created and what you are going to unleash into the world and Brazil and then back here in Malibu. I am so inspired and want to share this with you from my heart. I love you.

~ Gina Carlson 25 May 2019.

Inely Cesna Mastermind Group
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