Happy Halloween

The front yards in my neighborhood are decorated with cut off body parts, ghosts, bloody creatures, tomb stones, spider webs, bats, and witches bathed in colorful lights! What if Halloween is here to demonstrate the illusionary facet of fear? False Evidence Appearing Real What if the scary news on the radio, social media, and all […]

What Great Leaders Have That Others Don’t

Success is the ability to see what is hidden, to intuit, to sense, to connect from inside out so that the leader can anticipate, and direct the organization in an unknown future. A leader must indeed have an “inner strength to lead,” particularly when they are required to make extraordinary efforts and ask others to […]

Let Shift Happen

It is time for corporations to dive deeper into the “humanness” of their human capital The world is going through profound shifts, with dramatic changes in the ways we live our lives, and no clear perspective of an outcome. If there is a time for shift to happen, that time is NOW! In the corporate […]

Most Common Flaw in Business Coaching

The most common flaw in business coaching and leadership development is the inability to reach the leader’s deeper levels of emotional and mental blockage The market size of the business coaching industry in the U.S., measured by revenue, is about $11.6 billion dollars in 2020, according to the report published by Ibis World on August […]

Leading Organizational Change

“Change is ineffective when it lacks the wisdom of evolution.” Change management is highly popular nowadays. COVID, economic instability, political and social unrest are demanding radical changes in most areas of our personal, professional, and organizational lives. Effective change leadership requires us to investigate what change means? Change implies transformation, doing differently from what has […]

Congrats Grads!

CONGRATS, GRADS!! It is with overwhelming joy that we have witnessed during this month of March the completion of our first Leadership Mastermind Program by the Next Level Leadership Institute. The Program, which took place over the past six months, was robust with innovative perspectives delivered through in-person events, online group sessions and individual coaching […]

Source Within

The Source Within

The Source Within John, a fictitious named client who permitted me to share his learning,  left his high paying and over-demanding corporate job because he was failing to meet the results the company expected of him. He was deeply dissatisfied with the job and also felt unfulfilled in his relationships. He went through tremendous financial challenges […]

Selective Hearing

Selective Hearing

Selective Hearing One of my clients, who I will name Mary for purposes of this article, told me about a small voice inside saying words of wisdom, which she chose to ignore because they did not match the direction she was determined to take.  She found out later that the direction she chose did not serve her well.  […]

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who Am I? One of my clients arrived for his session feeling deeply disturbed.  His circumstances were such that he had lost all his belongings, was living with someone as a favor, had separated from his spouse and was experiencing disease in his body. He was also infuriated by his perception that others did not […]



Forgiveness I have been working with an amazing client who is highly enlightened, curious and wise.  He has experienced a history of physical abuse and carried heavy judgments against his abuser.  Because of his exposure to abuse, he had been committed to a path of enlightenment for many years.  He had collected several mystical experiences, […]



Everyone suffers, complains, despairs about that which they don’t like or don’t agree or wished it was different in this world. Listen here everyone: when God created the world, he said” It’s very GOOD”. He did not say it’s fun, fair, beautiful, perfect, “as you wish”, or any of that. He said, clearly and loudly: […]

Open to receive

Open To Receive

What does it mean to be open to receive? It is certainly not the sense of entitlement my ego knows well. It is the gracious gratitude of a warm embrace by the comforting morning sun. It is the gentle look of a cute puppy when caressed by my loving hand. It is the serenity of […]



Receiving is the foundation of life. By receiving life, I am born By receiving the breath, I am alive. By receiving the sun, the rain, I am sustained. By receiving others, I know myself By receiving, I am!

The God Within Me

The God Within Me

I have always wondered how come the God of the Old testament is judgmental, punishing with floods, wars, destruction, killing the wicked; while the God of the New Testament is loving, patient, unconditionally filled with grace? Why would God change? Did God evolve or change His mind? A supreme God wouldn’t have to change. It […]

When God Is Present

When God Is Present

When God speaks, there is peace. When God speaks, there is clear sense of direction. When God shows, there is revelation in the inner eyes. When it’s God’s time, there is flow, synchronicity. When God is present, there is nothing else.

Am I Really What They Say?

Am I What They Say?

What would have been of us if, at the moment of crucifixion, Christ doubted himself? What if he had wondered if he was really a criminal? After all, he was being crucified as one, in between two other criminals. Doubt did not enter His consciousness because he was filled with compassionate forgiveness: “Forgive them, Father, […]

Spring is back

Spring Is Back

Spring is back blooming newly born flowers in my heart. Bright colors are popping out under the warm sunshine. It’s time to travel to that joy that hibernated quietly inside during the cold months of winter.

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